The Windhall Chronicles, Volume 1: The Path to Fortune

The first part of a series-in-progress, set in a D&D-style world. As Aerin, apprentice to the town of Windhall's smith, you are chosen to relieve the town's financial woes by seeking a lost dragon's hoard. A nice game, with lots of text - few objects are left undescribed. Some monster-slaying is involved, but no randomized combat. The characters are the best part of this game; be sure to ask everyone about everyone else. Has a more-than-adequate time limit and numerous time-based puzzles, a day/night cycle, sleep, riddles, and a maze with a rather subtle key. A little guesswork and some random examination of scenery is required. Don't be put off by the torturously ungrammatical pseudo-medieval speech patterns in the introduction - only one character talks like that, and he's a buffoon.