Text Fiction - Handbook

Text Fiction is an interpreter for interactive stories written for the Z-machine. Leaving the technicalities aside, this means you control your alter ego (usually the protagonist of the story, you are playing) by entering short text commands and in return are told how these affect the world around you.

Traditional IF interpreters heavily rely on the presence of a physical keyboard. A luxury, typically not available on an Android device. For this reason, Text Fiction contains many modifications to adapt the engine to the touch screen. If you are a veteran player, you might find the app behaving slightly different from what you are used to. In any case, you should read this manual at least once to learn about all the gimmicks that Text Fiction offers to make your life on the mobile platform easier.

Text Fiction is free for you to use, but not free for me to maintain. If this software is of value to you, please consider sponsoring the project.

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