The game screen

Text Fiction breaks with traditional IF interpreters in many ways. The most obvious one is it's chat style user interface:

The upper part contains the storyboard. The green bubble on the right shows your last command. The blue one on the left, the games reaction to it.

The lower part contains (most) of your controls. The most important one here being the input field labeled "What next?". This is where you type your commands.
However, instead of forcing you to actually having to type commands, Text Fiction offers you a lot of assistants, making the on screen keyboard rarely necessary:

  • You can touch single words in the storyboard to automatically copy them into the commandline.
  • Likewise, you can double tap empty space in a bubble to remove the last word from the commandline again.
  • Below the commandline, there is a (configurable) button bar, containing the most commonly used commands. The buttonbar is quite smart when it comes to figuring out what you mean to do.
  • The sides/corners of the story board are touch sensitive as well and may be used to move in the cardinal direction.