Raccoon release notes

Release Notes: Raccoon v3.7

Raccoon v3.7 is a maintenance release and available from it's project page.


  • Google changed their account creation process to no longer implicitly accept the Play TOS upon signup, resulting in Raccoon being unable to log in recently created accounts.

NOTE: this bugfix only assigns accounts to Play. But you still have to accept the TOS manually by either creating your new accounts via the Play website or at least logging in from there once.

Release Notes: Raccoon v3.6

Raccoon v3.6 is a hotfix release:

  • Login is now possible again.
  • Masquerade as a Galaxy Note 5 now by default in order to gain access to more recent apps. Existing archives will NOT update automatically to the new device profile. You have to recreate them (deleting the credentials.cfg file and going through the setup process again will do the trick).

Please note that all versions prior to v3.6 are unusable now and cannot be fixed. This is due to Google retiring it's "ClientLogin" API in favor of OAUTH2.

Release notes: Raccoon v3.3

Raccoon v3.3 is a maintenance release:

  • Changed "Android ID" to the correct "GSF ID" in the setup screen
  • Identify to Google Play as a Lollipop device if no GSF ID is given and a Pseudo device needs to be created.

Important: When updating from a previous version, Raccoon will not automatically switch to Lollipop for existing archives! The OS level is bound to the GSF ID. If you want to convert an existing archive to Lollipop, you have to delete it's credentials.cfg file manually to force the creation of a new GSF ID.