TradeTrax - Expense Tracker

TradeTrax is a general purpose trading tool for keeping track of marketable goods. While it builds heavily on stock market terminology for abstraction purposes, it is actually meant to be used for managing all kinds of assets that are bought for resale, for example:

  • Collectibles (trading cards, stamps, coins, ...)
  • Auction house items (Ebay, MMORPGs)
  • Speculation portfolios (forex assets, bitcoins, gold bullions,...)

TradeTrax was born out of a need to replace pen&paper records as well as Excel spreadsheets with something more robust and straightforward. The resulting trading tool is:

  • Easy to use, purpose driven and straight up to the point. It just works out of the box. No installation, no learning curve
  • Feature rich, showing you at a glance your investments and profits alongside your portfolio.
  • Cross platform and open source.

Screenshot: Investment summary


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