Frequently Asked Questions - TradeTrax

The application window is a tool for novice users that allows them to access and shut down the application. Experienced users can bypass it in three ways:

  • Simply bookmark TradeTrax in your webbrowser.
  • Start TradeTrax with the -Dapp.skipwindow commandline parameter
  • Run TradeTrax from a servlet container, skipping the GUI component altogether.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to move or rename the directory holding ledger data (while TradeTrax is not running).

By default, TradeTrax uses a HSQLDB database as data storage. MySQL is supported as an alternative, but this has to be setup manually.

In order to open a different ledger, you need to start TradeTrax with a different URL. The path component in the URL is used as the path to the ledger. If the ledger in question does not yet exist, it will automatically be created. To change the URL, TradeTrax binds to, you need to specify the app.address property when starting the application, e.g. from the commandline via:

java -Dapp.address=http://localhost:9090/new_ledger tradetrax.jar

Note: this way you may also change the port, tradetrax is listening on as well as make the ledger nework accessible (not recommended since TradeTrax does not provide access control).

Yes! TradeTrax may be a browser application, but the server runs locally on your own computer and is (by default) also only accessible from that machine. All data is only ever stored within your personal directory and no where else.