Giftedmotion - Handbook

  1. Open input images
  2. Toggle Export options dialog
  3. Preview animation
  4. Stop playing animation
  5. Record the final animation to a file
  6. List of frames to be included in the animation (first frame on top of the list).
  7. Move selected frame up.
  8. Move selected frame down.
  9. Clone selected frame.
  10. Delete selected frame.
  11. Time (in milliseconds) to show the selected frame.
  12. Method of frame disposal (what to do when painting the next frame).
  13. Position of the frame on the canvas (can also be adjusted by dragging the image with the mouse in the preview window).
  14. Apply settings 11-13 to all frames simultaneously instead of only to the selected frame.
  15. Status bar
  16. Preview window. Can be resized with the mouse to determine the size of the final animation. Also allows the image to be dragged on the canvas.
  17. The color to mark as transparent. No color will be marked transparent, when the button shows the X icon.
  18. Encoding quality. A lower value means getting smoother images, but encoding takes more time.
  19. How often to loop the animation. A value of 0 repeats the animation endlessly. A value of -1 just once. Any positive number repeats the animation exactly this many times.