GiftedMotion - A GIF animator

GiftedMotion is a free and easy to use open source GIF animator.

Want to animate an avatar for a forum, but find Photoshop too expensive or too complicated to use? Then Giftedmotion is exactly the right tool for you!

No installation required, no learning curve to put up with, promised! Just select the still images for your GIF, bring them in the right order, adjust the timing to your liking and record record the final animation. It is that simple.

In order to start GiftedMotion, Java must be installed on your computer. If the program opens up as an archive instead of starting, please re-install Java to fix your file bindings. For more information, please see the handbook (link in the sidebar or press F1 from within the app).


  • Platform independent, runs on every OS.
  • Multi language support (english deutsch italliano brasil polnish )
  • GPL software, no licensing costs.
  • KISS approach. No steep learning curve.
  • No installation required. Just put the jar file on your Desktop (or any place else) and start it. GiftedMotion will not bury itself into your operation system. Since GiftedMotion is small in size, you can even bookmark this page and come back and start it from here, whenever needed.
  • Supports the following input formats: PNG, JPG / JPEG, BMP and GIF.
  • Easy to adjust position of images within frames and size of the resulting image.
  • Preview function.
  • Able to edit existing images


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