The settings page does exactly what the name suggest: modify the runtime behavior of TradeTrax.

General Appearance

Ledger title
TradeTrax may manage an arbitrary amount of ledgers, potentially even closed ones. In order to tell them apart easily (without having to look at the url or the stored stock), every ledger may have a title which is shown in the top right corner of every page, but has otherwise no function.
Every ledger has a main currency in which stock records are kept. Internally, that main currency is nameless, but it may be assigned a display label by this setting. Though recommended, there is no need to make this ISO 4217 compliant.
Number of places after the decimal dot to show by default. Internally, TradeTrax always uses four places. Changing the number here just affects how monetary values are displayed.

Sidebar blocks

Toggles which blocks are visible in the sidebar.

Tradecenter configuration

Configures the acquisition form and the ledgerlist on the main page.