Release Notes: TradeTrax v1.5

TradeTrax v1.5 is a feature release, containing new functionality, changed behaviour and bugfixes. This version does not include database changes. TradeTrax v1.5 is available for download from it's project page.

New features:

  • Layout width is now configurable
  • When filtering the ledger, also sum up the individual items.
  • Switched to Jetty8 in order to lower the system requirements to Java6 and support older versions of MacOS X.
  • Print logs to file as well instead of just to the console.

Changed behavior:

  • Acquisition- and Filterform now share the same location on the TradeCenter page. Clicking the golden arrow or pressing the Escape key will toggle between the two views.
  • Disabled the highlight effect for datepickers.
  • No longer automatically focus the finder when loading a page (prevented keyboard scrolling).
  • Use AJAX calls on the calculator (result now shows without doing a full page reload).


  • More robust way of discovering the public network interface