Release notes: TradeTrax v1.4

TradeTrax v1.4 is a feature release, containing new functionality, changed behaviour and bugfixes. This version does not include database changes. TradeTrax v1.4 is available for download from it's project page

New features:

  • Ledger Title is now also shown in the page title.
  • Added list of recently used ledgers to the File menu in the control window.
  • Add jumplinks to the tradecenter if the ledgerlist is sufficiently large.
  • The table on the Summary page is now sortable.
  • Show the number of matching assets in the filtersettings.
  • Input fields that accept money values now route their input through the parser of the calculator.

Changed behavior:

  • After editing labels, return to the label manager page, not the trade center.
  • Leaving a date empty in the import tool is now considered to mean TODAY instead of NOTSET. To leave a date as NOTSET, use any unparseable String (e.g. a minus sign).
  • Reworked large parts of the UI into reusable components, to cut down on inconsistencies in the Look and feel.
  • Always show the filtersettings on the tradecenter if the ledger contains a sufficient amount of assets (the hiding option only exists to not confuse new users anyways).
  • Show at most 50 rows instead of 25 for the summary page.
  • Clicking a name/variant link in an asset summary will now toggle that string in the filter settings.
  • Completely overhauled the Look and feel of the Summary page.
  • Replaced the expression parser of the calculator with one that understands localized numbers.
  • Overhauled the look of the Calculator block


  • The CVS Import tool works again.
  • Never disable the "Quit" entry on the File menu of the control window.
  • Properly localize the date fields in the filter settings.