Release notes: TradeTrax v1.3

TradeTrax v1.3 is a feature release, containing new functionality, changed behaviour and bugfixes. This version also contains incompatibilities with previous versions. Existing databases will automatically be upgraded. TradeTrax v1.3 is available for download from it's project page

New Features

  • Mark finalized deals in the ledger by striking through name and variant.
  • Make the ledger log searchable.
  • Access the history of an asset directly from the asset editor.
  • Added a "location" field for recording the storage place of assets.
  • Added -% and +% operators to the calculator.
  • Changed the comment icon and added a location icon
  • Linked the asset editor to the acquisition form
  • Enabled comment filtering.
  • Rewrote the launcher for easy ledger switching and network access.
  • Summary: Compute outstanding profits.
  • The Tradecenter's ledgerlist and acquisition form can now be configured.
  • Enabled sorting of the columns in the ledgerlist.

Changed Behaviour

  • Use case insensitive matching for suggesting names/variants
  • Autoselect values in the asset editor when a field get clicked into.
  • Use case insensitive matching when filtering the ledger.
  • Reordered the tools page.
  • Keep logs for a month instead of a week.
  • Clear all filters when acquiring an Asset, so it shows on top.
  • TradeTrax now listens on port 1234 and no longer includes the folder path in the url.


  • Use "Unassigned" instead of "0" as the id when creating assets.