Release notes: TradeTrax v1.2

TradeTrax v1.2 is a feature release, introducing new functionality and fine tuning of existing features. It is fully backwards compatible with existing ledgers.

New Features:

  • Assets can now be bookmarked in the Finder box.
  • Ledgers now keep a transaction history (available from the tools menu).
  • Warn the user when trying to split an already liquidated asset.
  • Textfields now autoselect their contents on focus.
  • Added a label manager (available from the tools menu).
  • Added a calculator to the sidebar.
  • All instruction blocks now have a "more" link pointing to the relevant handbook page.
  • Added app.skipwindow property (allows for directly jumping to the browser from the taskbar).

Changed behavior:

  • The finder now accepts asset names as well as IDs (this is a shortcut to entering a name in the filter).
  • Liquidate editor now puts in the expected sellprice as the default amount.
  • Clicking a name or variant in the ledger now filters for that name/variant instead of opening the label editor.
  • When using the stockeditor to create assets, stay on the stockeditor page, but clear the form so the user might directly create another asset.
  • Require an expected returns greater 0 for assets that are to be included in the price list.
  • Split editor now always suggests to split off 1 unit.


  • Better instructions
  • Liquidation filter setting was using the acquisation before/after combobox.
  • Don't allow the CSV importer to create variants with an empty string as label.
  • When creating assets with the stockeditor, set the default amount to 1.

This version of TradeTrax is available from it's project page