Internally, TradeTrax uses numerical Ids to uniquely identify assets. However, as numbers are not particularly well suited for human beings, assets are externally represented by name tags. Two types of labels are supported:

(Primary) Name
A (primary) name is required for all assets. Assets that share the same name are of the same type.
Variant (aka subtype)
The subtype is optional and may be used to further differentiate assets. If a subtype is used, assets are only considered to be of the same kind if name and variant match.

For example, a draper might deal with different cloth in various colors. S/he might offer silk in the variants white, blue and green as well as linen in brown, red or black.

Nametags are automatically created the first time they are used and afterwards shared by all assets they are assigned to, allowing them to be renamed and/or deleted centrally.

While there are no restrictions on the format of nametags, it is recommended to only use alphanumerical characters, underscores and hyphens to avoid trouble with data exports.

Case matters "Dollar", "dollar" and "DOLLAR" are three different names.