Not too serious stories

Snack Time!

You are a dog and you’re hungry. It’s not dinner time in many hours, so you need a snack. Unfortunately, you’re not very good at making sandwiches, so you must get your human pet to make one for you.

A Bear's Night Out

Teddy bears, as anyone who owns one can tell you, come to life when you're asleep. This game puts you in one bear's shoes, making mischief and preparing for a big day. Although allegedly an "interactive children's story", it will probably leave most genuine children baffled, through both its vocabulary and its several major references to other prominent text adventures. Small, with good puzzles based on overcoming the limitations of being two feet tall and made of cloth.

Conan kill everything

In this game you play the legendary Cimmerian barbarian, Conan, and your objective is simple. Kill everything. No, not every living thing. Everything. The walls of the room only escape Conan's mighty wrath because they "are already dead. Conan suspects that he killed them in an earlier episode."

Teacher Feature

Welcome to the world of St Borogrund's School — a world of intrigue, mystery, deceit, and excruciatingly bad dinners. Above a scattering of ugly grey outbuildings, Borogrund's four-storey tower block rises to assault the eye in a bitter and largely futile attempt to get a second glance.


The phone rings...

Oh no - how long have you been asleep? Sure, it was a tough night, but ... This is bad. This is very bad.

You've screwed up on the job before, but never like this. You've overslept in a major way, and you're in for a world of trouble if you don't act fast.

9:05 was written over the course of four days in room 315 of the Victoria Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. It's a fairly standard text adventure, the one exception being that the verb USE has been implemented. Enjoy!


Play the part of a recently wed wife, diving deep into the dark secrets of her husband's family in this mystery game which is loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.