Historical setting

The Edifice

Something new in your everyday hunter-gatherer routine: where did this strange edifice come from? Dare you enter and explore the secrets of this... thing, or do you try to face your enemies? Like you have a choice.

Starting as an early anthropoid, you find a mysterious stone structure that leads you to three crucial moments in the development of humanity, from tool use to the domestication of animals. Good prose, reflective of differing perceptions at the various levels of development.

Endless, Nameless

Endless, Nameless is Adam Cadre’s latest game. The surrounding text claims that it’s the relic of the bulletin board age, but anyone familiar with Adam’s oeuvre won’t be surprised to know there’s a bit more to it than a retro remake. There’s no way to write a substantive review without addressing the ways in which it takes a twist, though; it’s worth playing enough to find out just exactly how it’s going to be not what you think.


Set in a 15th century monastery beset by the plague, Vespers follows an abbot driven increasingly insane as he watches his feverish monks perish one by one. It's a nauseating, deeply frightening game, like survival/horror without the survival part.


Assume the role of Primo Varicella, Palace Minister at the Palazzo del Piemonte in this ruthless game of power and politics. The king has just died, the pieces are set in motion. Can you turn the situation to your advantage?