Stenciltools - Collection of various shelltools for sysadmin duties

A collection of various small Linux tools, I wrote for system administration duty. They mostly deal with conversion, manipulation or generation of textfiles using templates and are inteded to be used from or with shellscripts.


Produces a sequence of strings from a template, which only differ in a counted number. Usefull for solving all kinds of "99 bottles of lemonade" problems on the commandline, e.g. downloading image galleries without downloading HTML and the according thumbnails thumbnails (use count to generate just the URLs of the desired images and feed them to wget).


A converter for CSV formated data. It is able to handle almost any type of weirdness encountered in the input. Originally, it was written to replace CSV2LDIF, but since it uses templates to generate output, csvconv can turn CSV data into virtually any other text based format.


Encoder/Decoder for messages "encrypted" with a Caesar cipher. Shift amount is configurable. memory A simply program for storing a hashtable in a file. Intended to be used to pass such data from one shellscript to another.


Extracts links from HTML documents.


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