Raccoon - Google Play desktop client (Download APK files)

Raccoon is a Google Play desktop client with which you can download APK files from the store, using your Desktop / Laptop Computer.

To run Raccoon, you need to have Java 1.7 installed. You also need a valid Google account (registering a new account exclusively for using with Raccoon is recommended to prevent identity theft) and naturally either an Android phone or an Android tablet.

Reasons for using Raccoon

  • You consider the market to be spyware and want to download incognito.
  • You want your children to only use pre-approved apps, so they don't drain your credit card with IAPs.
  • Your phone / tablet does not come with the Play app (e.g. Amazon Kindle tablets) or you are using a ROM and don't want to flash GAPPs.
  • You want access to apps that are not available for your phone / tablet or that are region locked.
  • You want a backup of your apps in case you need to roll back an update that causes trouble.
  • You don't have access to unlimited data plan and want to conserve bandwidth by keeping a local cache (from which to distribute to all your devices).
  • You don't have an Android phone / Android tablet at hand, but want to check the permissions of an app from your laptop computer.


When starting for the first time, Raccoon will ask you to create a new archive. The archive is basically your download folder (several can be created if desired). Archives store downloaded apps and user credentials. You will need a valid Google Play account and (optionally) an Android ID. The account can be your regular one, but doesn't have to be. If you use your regular account, you should also use an Android ID from one of your devices. Not providing an ID will result in Raccoon creating one and linking it up with a pseudo Samsung phone.

Finding apps works the same way as on Google Play, you may get a different order of results though. Try entering "Onyxbits" in the search field to list apps made by me.


FilenameSizeMD5 Checksum
raccoon-3.1.jar3,517 KBe2a939a64e7160474294047fba35d91c
Raccoon-3.1.exe3,559 KBe6e6d8aac542bb39dd33945dcc6b464e