Raccoon - APK downloader

Your Android smartphone came without the GAPPS package or you'd like to avoid linking it up to a Google account for privacy reasons? Not blessed with highspeed internet or an allnet flat, but still got multiple devices to update? Installed an app update you wish you hadn't?

There are many good reasons for why you would want to save APK files no your desktop computer and Raccoon allows you to do exactly that: download apk from Google Play! Raccoon is:

  • A Google Play desktop client that runs on Linux, MacOS X and MS Windows systems.
  • Faster and easier to navigate than the official smartphone / tablet app.
  • The only APK downloader that is able to fetch paid apps as well (including their asset files).
  • A superior and more reliable solution when compared to web based alternatives.

With Raccoon you can finally use your broadband internet connection and avoid all the trouble with data plans on mobile internet when downloading large apps.

IMPORTANT: Google has changed their default login process. If you are getting a "bad credentials" error, you need to log in with your webbrowser and allow "less secure apps" in your account settings.