Raccoon - Google Play desktop client

Raccoon is an alternative GPlay client, allowing for accessing the market from your desktop computer and storing Android APK files in a private depot on your hard drive. Why take this detour and not install apps directly on your device?

  • Devices running stock lack market access.
  • Caching apps in your personal depot on your own hard drive protects your investment as it enables you to block and/or revert unwanted updates.
  • Not having to connect your device with a Google Account means less exposure for your credit card and therefore improved security (children are especially known for creating a financial disaster for their parents by buying gold coins and other ingame currencies by accident)!

Click here for a more complete list of reasons why you should consider using Raccoon and here for why not to use webservices.

Screenshot: apk download Screenshot: depot view

For more information and how to obtain Raccoon, please see the links in the sidebar.