Raccoon - APK downloader

You got an Android device and...

  • ... it doesn't have GApps installed (e.g. custom ROM, Amazon gadget, or chinaware)
  • ... it does have GApps installed, but the Google Play App is too bloated, too nosy, and drains too much battery for your taste.

Then you have come to the right place! Raccoon is a Google Play Desktop client. It allows you to download apps directly from Google Play without you having to give Google control over your phone.

With Raccoon, Google only sees a fake phone downloading apps (yes, even paid ones). The APK files are then archived on your computer from where you can safely sideload them to your real devices.

IMPORTANT: Google has changed their login process. If you are getting a "bad credentials" error, you need to log in with your webbrowser and allow "less secure apps" in your account settings.