Raccoon - APK downloader

Your Android smartphone / custom rom came without the GAPPS package or you'd like to avoid linking it to a Google account for privacy reasons? Maybe you want to try an app that is not officially compatible with your smart-tv or roll back a troublesome update? Afraid of your children accidentally driving your open bank account into debt by accidentally buying IAPs through your credit card? Just fed up with the official client draining your battery?

There are many good reasons for why you would want to download APK files to your desktop computer instead of your smartphone and Raccoon allows you to do exactly that! Raccoon is:

  • A Google Play desktop client that runs on Linux, MacOS X and MS Windows systems.
  • Faster and easier to navigate than the official smartphone / tablet app.
  • The only APK downloader that is able to fetch paid apps as well (including their asset files).
  • A superior and more reliable solution when compared to web based alternatives.