Newsletter - MySQL backed Email newsletter sending program

Newsletter is a simple and free tool intended for website, webcommunity or webportal owners, wishing to send email newsletters to their subscribed users.

This software runs directly on LAMP servers. It does not provide a GUI of it's own, but is intended to be controlled via webinterface.

The newsletter to be sent is constructed by submitting a template text file, which is then personalized by taking the according information directly from the website's database (only MySQL is supported at this time). The result will afterwards be sent via SMTP protocol through a locally installed mailserver.

Please note, that newsletter is not intended to be used for sending spam and therefore is designed in a way, to prevent this kind of usage, by making an own mailserver mandatory.

Supported features:

  • Detach from controlling terminal (so it can be started from a PHP webinterface).
  • Allows for fully customized mail
  • Mail is sent via SMTP through a local or remote MTA
  • Stop and continue operation
  • Logging of progress

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