Frequently Asked Questions - FileCast

For most users, the URL shown by FileCast, is only valid in their local LAN. This is because ISPs nowadays only assign dynamic IP addresses to their customers. To share a file with someone on the internet, you first need to configure your DSL router (please refer to the manual of your router on how to do this. It is done differently for every model):

  • Setup dynamic DNS
  • Setup port forwarding

Once you have done this, you have configured a hostname and a port under which FileCast should be reachable from the internet. Now you only need to tell FileCast to use these values. This is done via system properties on the commandline (only works for the .JAR version):

java -jar -Daddress=my.dynamic.address -Dport=8080 filecast.jar

FileCast randomly generates a download url whenever a file is selected for sharing. This is both, a security feature and meant to keep the URL reasonably short for typing in case no QR scanner app is available.

The download url is randomly created whenever a file/directory gets selected for sharing and only stays valid as long as the resource stays selected as well. This is a security feature which replaces credentials as a means of access control. A static url per file would go against the design and are therefore not supported.

This menu option recreates the QR code based on the contents of the textfield below it (useful if a connection has to be made through a NAT firewall).

Please note that this only changes the code and has no effect on the actual network settings.